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Parenting Law #25: Mommy brain never goes away.

I wish I had better news for new moms.  But the truth is that the mommy brain fog, while it lifts after the newborn weeks, does not ever fully clear.  I have never been more certain of it.  When I … Continue reading

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Parenting Law #6: Birthing is not the height of parenting pain, it is the beginning of it

Pre-bedtime dance parties can be super fun.  They can also be dangerous.  Tonight, after finally hooking up a radio in the boys’ room, Ethan was so excited to hear the Biebs that he jumped right into my mouth.  Like his … Continue reading

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What I Really Want for Mother’s Day.

Along the lines of my previous Top Ten list for Mother’s Day: I love being a mother.  Each of my children is such a blessing, and I really do – for the most part – enjoy serving them.  Yes, there … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #22: Everyone lies, especially parents

It’s possible my last post made me sound like an amazing parent who always sticks to her guns, never issues empty threats, and never goes back on what she says so her bipolar two-year-old will respond perfectly to every situation by … Continue reading

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Parenting Law #21: Two-year-olds are bipolar and skeptical

Sometimes I think my daily life looks like the scene from “Coming to America” when Prince Hakeem meets his arranged betrothed, Imani Izzy.  Imani has been trained her whole life to do anything he asks of her, and he tests just … Continue reading

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A Different – And Desirable – Level of Crazy

I have completely neglected this blog.  There are a few reasons for it, or some might call them excuses, but I think they’re pretty valid.  I started a part-time job about a year ago, and while I love working in … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #20: Some lessons must be learned over and over. And over.

I’ve never before re-posted a blog.  But I’m amazed at how easy it is for me to lose perspective.  Sometimes I revisit my old posts because I need to re-read the lessons I thought I had learned. Originally, I called … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #37: The mouths of babes don’t always tell the full truth.

At Eliza’s Kindergarten back-to-school night, her teacher said, “We promise to believe only half of what we hear at school about you if you promise to only believe half of what you hear at home about us.”  I hope she … Continue reading

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Dealing with the first “F bomb”

The major milestones of growing up keep coming whether you’re ready for them or not.  But I wasn’t really expecting my six- and barely five-year-olds to speak the F bomb yet.  Mind you, I wouldn’t label myself as naive per se; … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #11: There will always be poop to clean up.

When you have little children, it’s easy to daydream about being done with diapers and blow-outs and leaks and toilet training.  But the truth is that even when you’re out of this phase, there will still be poop to clean … Continue reading

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