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Folks, family, friends, readers … all seven of you: I have semi-retired from posting any new content here. (If I could hand you a box of tissues, I would.) Before you ugly cry, though, fear not! It’s not because I’m not writing anymore. I’ve simply moved my writing over to

The MAIN reason is because I’ve written a manuscript for tween girls to help them embrace their beauty and worth rather than fall into the puberty traps of comparison and insecurity. I’m continuing to blog at my namesake site about life, parenting teens and tweens, my new hobby (car racing), and publishing the manuscript.

So, head over to and subscribe to my blog by typing your email address in the turquoise box that says “let the posts come to you.” That’s it. Super simple. It should take about 30 seconds. If you want to write me a more detailed note, scroll to the bottom of any page on and find my contact form. I love getting messages from all (seven) of my readers. 🥰

I hope to see you there! You can also follow me on Instagram @christinevirgin, or FB @ChristineEVirgin.

Sending lots of love and beautiful vibes your way,

Christine 🌸

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