Ideas for you and your kids while it feels like summer but it’s colder, there’s no camp, and you can’t play with friends

As an extreme extrovert, staying at home for days-on-end is not typically something that sounds like a good time to me. But we’ve so far been making this coronavirus quarantine work. (I mean, I’m at the start of day four, so if you ask me again in a week, I might change my tune.) I’m curious for more ideas on things to do, so PLEASE share yours in the comments!

  • CRAFT A DAILY CHORES CHART OR SCHOOL SCHEDULE – Put your home craft supplies to work and have your kids make their own schedules (or do it for them if they’re too little).
  • TEACH YOUR KIDS TO TYPE AND WRITE – I’ve harped on how much our kids need to learn to type without doing a good job helping them along. My older two are enjoying – which is free – and they will be working on it during this “homeschool” break. My youngest needs to work on his handwriting, so I’m doing that with him. If you have ZERO teaching skills, you can still help a child learn to write letters.
  • MO WILLEMS DOODLE HOUR – When Greg sent me this link yesterday, I knew we’d tune in. At 1 p.m. Eastern every day, Mo Willems will be offering FREE online doodle drawing classes to the world. He will also be posting them on YouTube so you can watch at your leisure.
  • COOKING AND BAKING – Now is a great time to peruse your cookbooks, food magazines and the Internet for recipes you’ve forgotten about, always wanted to make, or want to teach your kids. It’s also a lot of fun to try to make things completely from your pantry if you just can’t get your hands on fresh items you might need. Here’s a list of baking substitutions that has saved me before.
  • FAMOUS MUSEUM TOURS – Want to watch something educational? A friend of mine asked for suggestions on Facebook and this was by far my favorite one (and we will be watching!)
  • THE MOST DANGEROUS WAYS TO SCHOOL – That same friend (thanks, Chelsea!) found this while searching Amazon Prime. What better way to educate our kids on how blessed they are to have access to great schools than to show them what it’s like for kids in other parts of the world?
  • CLEAN OUT TOYS, CLOTHES, AND BOOKS – Whenever I empty our bookshelf and ask the kids to go through it, the most amazing thing happens: they rediscover all sorts of books they haven’t read in a while. With many libraries closed, this is a great way to both clear out the old and get your kids reading. We also began cleaning out our playroom yesterday. My boys rediscovered their Magic Tracks.
  • ASK THE NEIGHBORS IF THE KIDS CAN HELP WITH SPRING CLEAN UP – If you have some rakes, your kids can stay six feet away from their elderly neighbors, make a few bucks, and help others.
  • GARDENING – Yesterday I went to a family-owned, local garden center and bought a few things for the kids and I to plant. Not only that, but if you can get your hands on some fruit or veggie seeds and starter kits (or you have tiny pots and soil), you can start growing them in your house near the window – now is the perfect time to start! You can buy almost anything you need online on Amazon.
  • CONNECT WITH ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE FEEDING HUNGRY CHILDREN DURING THIS TIME – Check out these websites with your kids and find ways you can comfortably and safely help together.

Be sure to video chat with family and friends daily as well, because that helps with feeling connected to others. Now it’s your turn – send me more ideas!!!

One thought on “Ideas for you and your kids while it feels like summer but it’s colder, there’s no camp, and you can’t play with friends

  1. One has used Kahn Academy for math. Agreed, both using Typing Club. Also: digging new garden bed, watching history or other shows like Ancient Egypt on Nat Geo, and writing letters to Grandmas who can’t have visitors in Asst. Living. Peace-while peeing- be with you!

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