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Parenting lesson #21: Two-year-olds are bipolar and skeptical.

Sometimes I think my daily life looks like the scene from “Coming to America” when Prince Hakeem meets his arranged betrothed, Imani Izzy.  Imani has been trained her whole life to do anything he asks of her, and he tests just … Continue reading

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Dealing with the first “F bomb”

The major milestones of growing up keep coming whether you’re ready for them or not.  But I wasn’t really expecting my six- and barely five-year-olds to speak the F bomb yet.  Mind you, I wouldn’t label myself as naive per se; … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #11: There will always be poop to clean up.

When you have little children, it’s easy to daydream about being done with diapers and blow-outs and leaks and toilet training.  But the truth is that even when you’re out of this phase, there will still be poop to clean … Continue reading

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The right punishment is so hard to figure out

There are some scenarios parenting books just can’t help you with.  Honestly, most of them seem pretty worthless when you’re in the thick of things. Sure, I have read about how to discipline, and how to handle strong-willed children.  But … Continue reading

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Is your heart grateful for the gunk?

The past week has been bad for me.  I actually haven’t written because as honest as I am, I’m embarrassed at some of the things that have happened.  We all have an upper respiratory illness bubbling up, and I am … Continue reading

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Getting away will cost you: the aftermath of grandma

I came home to my normal life from our anniversary getaway and wondered how on earth anybody does this. Before I begin, I know my mom is going to read this, so first of all, mom, you know how I … Continue reading

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Mess up fess up

I’m a bad mom.  As I usually have to make dinner while I have the kids around, I generally put on a TV show to keep them occupied.  (No, this isn’t the bad mom part.)  Last night they were giggling … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #12: Having kids makes it harder to judge others

I am less judgmental than I used to be.  I realize that’s a self-defeating statement, but stick with me here. I’m pretty good at judging people.  I know I shouldn’t do it, but I size people up pretty quickly and … Continue reading

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My child would rather throw up than give up

Children are smarter than we think they are.  A few evenings ago, Eliza refused to eat her dinner.  What’s so frustrating is that sometimes when she does this, she will actually taste the food and say she likes it.  But, … Continue reading

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The saucy solution to a spicy attitude

We can add lying and back-talking to Eliza’s repertoire of not-so-great qualities.  When we were busy packing up our car in Florida, my dad came up to me, saying, “Why on earth would you give Eliza gum?”  And I replied, … Continue reading

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