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A Different – And Desirable – Level of Crazy

I have completely neglected this blog.  There are a few reasons for it, or some might call them excuses, but I think they’re pretty valid.  I started a part-time job about a year ago, and while I love working in … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #20: Some lessons must be learned over and over. And over.

I’ve never before re-posted a blog.  But I’m amazed at how easy it is for me to lose perspective.  Sometimes I revisit my old posts because I need to re-read the lessons I thought I had learned. Originally, I called … Continue reading

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New year, new you? Maybe the old you was already great.

Now that Downton Abbey is back on, I am in television dreamland.  And on Sunday, the Dowager Countess had some fabulous one-liners and insights to impart upon the world in the season four premiere.  In one scene, Lady Mary confessed … Continue reading

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If I could travel through time, this is what I would go back and tell myself after having my first baby

About a month ago, we welcomed our third child into this world.  I am in awe at what an amazing little miracle and gift from God he is.  The experience this time around has been so different.  Maybe it’s because … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #3: You are embarking on a new phase in life that many see as an invitation for unsolicited advice and judgment.

As with everything else, not everyone will agree with you when it comes to parenting.  And it seems like more so than in any other occupation, family and strangers alike feel the need to voice their opinions about the job … Continue reading

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My child cured my road rage.

At least for a day, seeing as I haven’t driven yet, Eliza has fixed my road rage. Since having children, this is yet another thing that has changed.  When I first had Eliza, I thanked God that she couldn’t understand … Continue reading

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Is your heart grateful for the gunk?

The past week has been bad for me.  I actually haven’t written because as honest as I am, I’m embarrassed at some of the things that have happened.  We all have an upper respiratory illness bubbling up, and I am … Continue reading

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I suffer from “Just for a minute” disease

Before naps and bedtime, Eliza asks me to cuddle her.  Sometimes I outright say, “No” because she really just needs to go to sleep.  But when I do agree, despite really enjoying these precious times, I find myself so often … Continue reading

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Getting away will cost you: the aftermath of grandma

I came home to my normal life from our anniversary getaway and wondered how on earth anybody does this. Before I begin, I know my mom is going to read this, so first of all, mom, you know how I … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #34: Getting away gets easier

When you’re a parent, a family vacation does not count as vacation from working.  So I have found that for me, getting away without the kids is super important if I’m going to feel refreshed.  Greg and I just came … Continue reading

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