Zach is not peeing in peace

Here I sit in the second day of what is supposed to be “Toilet Training in Less Than a Day” with Zach.  I love the irony.  Greg did the training yesterday, as he did with Eliza.  And as with Eliza, we seem to be having some issues.

The book’s method makes so much sense to me.  It combines several types of teaching all-in-one to get a child trained quickly (learning without distraction, increasing urination opportunities, practice in walking to the potty, practice in required dressing skills, learning to relax before urinating, learning by imitation, learning by teaching, learning by manual guidance, increasing motivation to be trained, and teaching the attitude of personal cleanliness).  The problem so far has been that my children don’t seem to get a first successful pee on the potty (despite lots of time sitting on it).  So it has not been the wonderful, fun experience for either of them that the book promises.

Nevertheless, we persevere, because the point is I know he will be trained shortly.  Maybe it will be today.  Maybe it will be tomorrow.  And I’ll be sure to write more about it.  But as I’m in the thick of it, I thought I would update you.  There will definitely be more to come.  Here’s hoping for a good pee in peace this morning!!!

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