Parenting lesson #14: The embarrassing moments are often teaching moments

Eliza pooped in a public pool on Friday.  Every now and again she is way too interested in what she’s doing to take the two-minute break to do her business.  Unfortunately for me, she is also exploring whether she has the freedom to lie.  Unfortunately for all of us (some of her friends and some poor strangers), her fibbing to get out of taking a potty break resulted in the entire pool being evacuated.

She went to the bathroom before we got in the pool and she said she did not need to poop.  Once in the pool, I asked her a few times if she needed to go when she seemed to be doing her turtle head dance.  Fast forward and, well, you know what happened.  So instead of further embarrassing her and me, I will share what I have learned in the hopes I can save you from the same fate:

1.  I will no longer refer to pooping as “dropping the kids off at the pool.”  A college suite mate used to say this and it stuck.  I’m pretty sure I’ve used the expression in front of Eliza.  Never will I confuse her again about where poop is supposed to go.

2.  If I see anything remotely like her poopy dance while she’s doing something fun, I will get her and take her to the bathroom.  This is going to be a pain in the rear end for me, especially because her poopy dance resembles a lot of other things she does, like plain old dancing.  But I will not ask her if she needs to go anymore, as I already know she will tell me “no” regardless of her inclination.

3.  I will make a point to have her use the bathroom before fun things.  Yes, I did this and the incident happened anyway, but it has prevented accidents on other occasions.

As we are preparing to potty train Zach, I’m sure this is just the beginning of what will be many fond poop memories (no ifs, ands or butts about it).

7 thoughts on “Parenting lesson #14: The embarrassing moments are often teaching moments

    1. Mom, she definitely knew. Her two friends were asking, “Why did Eliza poop in the pool? Why did she do that? Why did we have to get out?” and I told her everyone had to leave because of what happened. I don’t think she’ll ever forget, especially that people had to get out of the pool. I hope it doesn’t scar her for life. Of course, you were concerned that my E.T. experience at the same age would scar me for life, and I don’t even remember it … perhaps because I blocked it from memory on purpose.

  1. That is something you will always remember forever.. What movie is that that there was poop in the pool?(Caddy Shack)

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