For those who are waiting with bated breath (the potty training update)

Today things went even better.  Eliza only had one real accident, and otherwise pottied herself with much less whining and crying than yesterday.  She is getting better at the parts of the process that are more difficult for her, such as physically walking to the potty in the first place and pulling her pants up and down.  She is very proud of her new skills!

The big news, however, is that she got her #2 into the potty for the first time!  She wasn’t happy about it, but after several tries of squatting and whining, she managed to relax and make it happen.  And then she couldn’t stop pointing at it in there and squealing, “Mommy WOOK!  YAZA POOP IN DA POPPY!!!”  (Translation: “Mommy, look!  Eliza pooped in the potty.”)

I must share my two secrets with all of you:

1) She did it when we were outside and she was in her bathing suit.  She could not bring herself to go in the suit, unlike in her training pants where it just fell right through them and down onto the ground.

2) It happened after several tries when I finally got her distracted and relaxed enough by combining blowing bubbles with telling her how proud all of her favorite people would be with her if she pooped in the potty.

As soon as I can get away to do it, I’m taking her for a special trip to the store to pick out some Dora underwear.  I think adding them to the equation will give her a sense of pride and help keep the doo doo where it belongs.

4 thoughts on “For those who are waiting with bated breath (the potty training update)

  1. Yayyyy! As a non-parent reading this blog, I must say that when the day comes when I am caring for a little one and in the potty-training process, I’m just going to print these blog posts for a guide. Thanks Christine for sharing your experiences and triumphs! Love to our dear Eliza! She’s growing up sooooo fast!

  2. As a parent who is letting my kiddo dictate the terms of potty training lol I can honestly say I find these stories horrifying and hysterical. J tells me all the time that she needs to poopy on the potty, she pulls down her pants and diaper, climbs up on the toilet (we use the flip top kind that’s attached to the actual toilet) and sits there patiently for a few minutes. Then she hops off, says- “All done pooping” and flushes. Please note that there has never been an actual poop in the toilet so far. She then pulls her pants back on and within an hour I can be assured that she will have a poop in her pull ups.

    Oh well. She’ll get there eventually. I’ve never met an adult who never learned to use the potty one way or another lol! Good luck!

    1. Yes, for some reason Eliza finds it horrifying to actually let it happen in the toilet. But after she finally does, she’s so happy about it. It’s very strange. Hang in there! Jordan is probably ready, but the question is are you. 😉 It’s a real pain in the butt to put the time in. I wanted to throw in the towel several times, and Greg was spending so much more time on it than I was! If she seems to be doing it in baby steps on her own, then maybe you won’t ever have to train her and she’ll just do it one day. I just wanted to get it over with. You know me! =)

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