Parenting lesson #15: You and your kids will get sick. A lot.

One of two pics we took – our makeshift luggage stroller at the airport

It’s not a matter of if your kids will get sick, but when.  They are germ magnets and must develop their immune systems.  For us, our first winter colds happened while traveling to Utah this past week.

The trip was supposed to include 3 ski days, family photos in the snow, and happy vacation moments.  Instead, I was attached to the toilet with an invisible 10-foot rope the whole time, and Zach’s cold developed into bronchitis and an ear infection.  Both kids now have the stomach virus as well.  We took two pictures.

It can be disappointing when things don’t work out how you’d like, especially when you’ve paid to take a vacation.  But I’ve had to learn to roll with the punches (okay, I’m still learning this).  Once you have kids, you learn to be more flexible and improvise better.  The kids spent a day at the ski mountain day care center while Greg skied with a friend and I got a sick day (Score!  I know I’ve complained about not getting these anymore as a full-time mom).  Eliza spent her first couple of hours in ski school, and she loved it.  We stayed with an old friend, spent time with three college friends, and had an amazing meal out (that later came out a way I didn’t want it to – but that’s not the point).

As I sit here with both kids napping, nearly fully recovered, I’m thankful I can finally drink coffee again and remember the fun we made.  I want to vow to stop worriedly anticipating getting sick, as I so often do.  It’s going to happen.  I just hope I’ve put in my stomach virus time for at least a year.  And I hope when it strikes again, it won’t be on our next ski trip.

2 thoughts on “Parenting lesson #15: You and your kids will get sick. A lot.

  1. This was a scenario I did not plan for last year when I was alone with Jacob with dual parenting responsibilities. It took me about 4 days to actually get back to “normal”. I know about 4-6 hours into my illness I was hanging my head out my bathroom window to cool off, wishing hunting was legal in my backyard and someone would just take me out. I was so miserable in the moment. This past December I had a Christmas Brunch planned – the night before we were at Riley Hospital for Jacob’s second asthma attack episode and had to cancel that night (with a fridge full of food). I was hoping we would not get admitted but it turned out to be a two night stay, despite my personal social calendar.

  2. Oh Tracy, I remember that time! LOL about the hunting comment. You poor thing. Sometimes it hits hard, and it’s just the way it is. Kids have a way of rearranging and re-prioritizing what’s going on. And normally, it’s a good thing. I love and miss you!

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