The first of the month to-do list

The beginning of each new month marks a time when I like to recommit myself to organization.  I am happy to report that I am already finished with my “first of the month” tasks.  They are:

1.  Feed the dog her heart worm pill and apply her K9 Advantix.

2.  Clean out the whirlpool jets in the tub.

3.  File all of my receipts for the previous month.

Not only do I feel like I got a lot done, but it’s making me consider a system for other days of the month, or perhaps tasks for certain days of the week.  For example, I could make Mondays dusting days, and Tuesdays the day when I check all the walls for crayon marks and smudges I can remove with my Magic Eraser.  Wednesdays could be window washing days.  Thursdays could be for vacuuming and mopping.  Fridays could be for cleaning the tubs, toilets and sinks.  Saturdays I could vacuum the dog hair off the furniture.  And Sundays, of course, would be for rest.

I wonder if any of you have ways you organize tasks, household chores or the like in your home that you’d like to share.  I’m always looking for new ways to make life easier, less cluttered and more organized.  Happy August 1st!

2 thoughts on “The first of the month to-do list

  1. seriously, when you decide on your system/schedule…. can you just make an extra copy and give it to me. i need. i need. only i seem incapable of creating my own system or deciding what i should do and when. so, when you figure it out, just send it to me. i am pretty sure that is all i need to get going… a personal organizer. and really, how convenient that we share a back fence. we could even check up on each other on our “dusting” or “magic eraser” days. i am totally serious.

  2. I found using Google calendar and printing out the months, to be a huge help. So I organize by, first Saturday of the month bleach out washer and wash rugs (they are white so if any bleach is left over its not a huge deal), then every other day (except Sunday) has a wash load such as darks on Tuesday, lights on Wednesday and kids on Thursday. This way I don’t spend the entire day on Saturday scrubbing and folding. I’m happy to share mine with you, feel free to e-mail me.

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