They really do grow up so fast

Just today, we went to two birthday parties, and it really dawned on me how quickly time flies with little kids.  We celebrated the first, second and third birthdays of three friends, and it just didn’t seem possible.  It’s like, one day they’re learning to walk and the next they’re telling you to shut up.  Or one day you are rubbing baby lotion all over your little girl’s bottom and the next she’s putting on makeup.

In Eliza’s case, she’s actually already doing that.  This morning we were heading out the door, and I asked her if she was ready to go.  She said, “No, I need lipstick.”  Then she reached into my purse, grabbed my Chapstick, pulled off the lid, applied it liberally on her lips and the general area around them, and then put the lid back on and put it back in my purse.  She also told me as I tried to simultaneously strap her into her car seat and get her to give me her party favor bag, “I’m busy.”

It’s one of those days where I’ve been struck hard by the idea of just how long some days can seem minute-by-minute, but how the months and years fly by.  I also went shopping today to get the kids some much-needed warmer clothing that fits, and I couldn’t believe how little baby clothes were – and especially that my children don’t fit in any of those clothes now.  I had to find the 2Ts and the 12-month stuff.

I’m not sure that I really have a point except to say that as tough as any difficult moment may seem, each breath is truly a gift to cherish.  It’s so awesome to watch these two little ones grow up.  I want to make sure I focus on that at least once every day.  Because the next kid’s birthday I’ll be celebrating will be Zach’s – and it is impossible to believe that he will be one next month.

One thought on “They really do grow up so fast

  1. SOOO the fiasco I dealt with at the grocery store reminds me of this blog. J’s recent obsession is her wallet, cell phone, and 2 credit cards. (and Strawberry Shortcake). She cannot go anywhere, or do ANYTHING without them. Even to bed. All the time its, “Where is my credit cards? This is my wallet! Where is my cell phone? Uh Oh I dropped my credit cards!” (again for the 1 millionth time) Today I specifically told her to leave her stuff in the car so she wouldn’t lose it. She insisted, and I was too tired to argue about it- so I let her bring it into the store. The whole time we’re there, she’s dropping one of the items on the floor. KILLING ME. As we are checking out- she realizes she has lost her wallet. OMFG. She freaks out. I felt like the meanest mommy in the world telling her- well that’s what happens when you don’t obey me and leave it in the car. SO- to make my point- I refused to go look for it and we went to the car. As I am putting the groceries away, she starts weeping and repeatedly saying “I’m sorry Mommy I am a bad bad girl for losing my wallet.” AAAUGH. Break my heart. So I haul her out of the car and back into the grocery store to find it. Which we did. But man- I can’t believe 3 years ago she was an infant and now she manipulating me over a wallet and credit cards! I thought I had atleast another 12 years to go!!!

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