“Free” time

A friend with one toddler and one on the way asked me how I have the time to write this blog.  And the answer is … I don’t, really.  When I’m writing this, I could and probably should be doing something else, like peeing in peace, showering or folding the four loads of laundry that beckon me RIGHT NOW.  Often, though, I want some me-time when either one or both kids is napping.  And the truth is, I have about five half-written blog posts waiting to be completed, but I get interrupted by life.  (This is one of them and I’m set on finishing it before Eliza wakes!)

My life is one of perpetually incomplete projects and half-eaten meals.  I’m not really sure how I make it work, except to detail how a “typical” day might go.  Mind you, there is really no day like another, and errands, events, and naps shortened by the dog barking change everything.  But you’ll get the idea.  I would LOVE to know how your typical day goes and how you spend your time – free or other!

6:30ish – 9 a.m. (when Zach takes his first nap) – non-stop taking care of the dog and kids, getting them up, dressed (well, not the dog), nursed and fed, and playing.  Eliza generally watches a Dora episode while Zach crawls around the kitchen floor while I cook for them. Somewhere in there I try to drink some sips of coffee and eat something.

9 – 10:30ish – eat if I haven’t, check e-mail, unload the dishwasher and/or load it.  If Greg is working from home, sometimes I take Eliza on a quick errand while Zach is sleeping.

11 – 1 p.m. – nurse Zach, play, possibly run an errand, make lunch for both of them, clean it up, and get them down for naps.

1 – 3ish – naps for both of them, when I eat my own lunch if I didn’t manage to do so earlier, fold laundry or do a little cleaning, go through mail, and waste more time on my computer so I feel connected to the world.  Sometimes I work on dinner during afternoon nap-time as well, even if it’s just to chop up some vegetables so I have one less thing to do while they’re both awake.  And sometimes I nap as well, especially lately because Eliza and Zach have both been up in the middle of the night for a few straight weeks.  (This is probably how the laundry is so behind.)

3 – 5:30ish – This is where it gets hairy because I’m generally tired at this point.  I might have another cup of coffee.  I nurse Zach again.  I do whatever I have to do to survive with them and somehow cook.  If Greg is home, at 5 I hand them over to him to watch while I get dinner on the table.  If he’s not home, it’s probably frozen pizza night or I scrounge something up for Eliza and order in for Greg and me after the kids are asleep.

5:30-7 – Eat dinner, bathe them, read stories, pray, and put them to bed.

7:30-10ish – Do more housework, collapse on the couch, think about writing something for this blog, and collapse into bed – but not before “ghost” feeding Zach one last time.

It is definitely a different experience than staying home with just Eliza.  Going from having one kid to having two is not like doubling your work.  It’s more like tripling or quadrupling it.  However, I don’t want to scare my pregnant friend who – in a couple of months – will have “two under two” to deal with.  So if you’re reading this Enna, the answer for you is I have plenty of time to write this blog.  Really.  😉

2 thoughts on ““Free” time

  1. Your current “free time” might benefit from researching the availability of someone for child care in your home–for six to twelve hours a week. I suggest starting with a couple of churches in your immediate area. There are some dandy, responsible, mature women with grown children who would like a little extra spending money each week. Another great source is asking your neighbors who have children. Personal referrals are typically the best. Your school teacher friend, Jen, may know someone. Ask around. You would benefit greatly from the relief a child care person could provide for you.

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