About Christine


As a mother of three young children, I find that many days I can’t even pee in peace. (In fact, sometimes I end up holding it far too long for the right moment when my eight-year-old daughter, Eliza, won’t pin my seven-year-old son, Zach, into a headlock on our tile floor; or when she won’t drop my three-year-old son, Ethan, on the aforementioned tile floor after carrying him around on it for the 27th time.)  I am convinced that I will be in Depends in my 50s, and I will blame it on my children. But I digress …

This blog is about sharing stories, life, and tips – from me to you and you to me. I know I am not the only haggard, at-home mother living in madness on this block. Before I became a mom, and then one who quit her job to stay home (wait a minute, why did I do that again?), I had my good days and bad days at work. But my life was my own. I made most of my decisions based on what I wanted to do. Things completely changed, and I know everyone warns you they will, but there is really no way to prepare for motherhood. Especially if you are a Type-A person whose:

– idea of chaos was not having the laundry caught up (LOL!);

– concept of lack of sleep was based on going to bed at midnight and having to get up before 7; and

– idea of “put-together” changed overnight from having a pedicure, makeup applied, nice clothes, strapless bras, and 3-inch heels (I don’t know how anyone finds anything taller than that comfortable) to feeling pretty decent if I’ve managed to brush my teeth, get a shower and change out of my pajamas and into loungewear.

I could go on and on. But I won’t. (At least not right now.) I hope that if you visit, you will be affirmed, inspired, and perhaps learn or share something.  I need help from other moms because this is the toughest job I’ve ever had.  I hope here at Pee in Peace we can all find a little relief and a lot of laughs.  But I must go – all three kids are playing nicely (hallelujah!) and nature calls!!


6 Responses to About Christine

  1. Kristen Zottola says:

    Hey Christine!
    This is great so far! How did you find the time???!! (LOL). Keep up the good work…

  2. Kristin says:

    I just read a few of your recent “tinkles” and it made me think about how much I miss you lady! Hope you’re doing well! Hopefully we can catch up soon! xoxo

  3. enna says:

    Hey Christine! Always the generous friend you are…sharing your insights, thoughts, tips, and incredible moments about mommyhood! 🙂 Love you girl and thinking of you often in sunny CA! 🙂 Please give Eliza a big hug for me (I miss your Sweetie pie!) And Zach a big kiss for me (miss that handsome little man). And tell your hubby I said Hi and I’ve not been eating baked potatoes in the morning since pregnancy! 🙂 LOL! 🙂 So glad to be able to sign up to receive your “Pee in Peace” newsletters! 🙂 Love your blog! 🙂 God bless, Enna

    • peeinpeace says:

      LOL!!! Oh Enna, I had forgotten about the baked potatoes. That was the FUNNIEST thing EVER. Tracy and I were in the kitchen looking at each other, not knowing how to respond, and you were like, “I know I’m supposed to bring snack and I just thought, ‘Oh, a baked potato sounds awesome right now! So I have the potatoes, and butter, and sour cream, and bacon.'” And I looked at you and said, “I think you’d better take a pregnancy test. It’s 9 o’clock in the morning.” And you were like, “No, really? A baked potato doesn’t sound good to you right now?” That moment is ingrained in my mind forever. I just thought, “What is she SMOKING? Baked potatoes and tea and coffee at 9 a.m. Something is off here.” And then you were pregnant. Of COURSE you were pregnant!!! Give those babies hugs and kisses from us, too. We hope you’re doing well and enjoying CA. These kids are just so much fun, aren’t they?

  4. Mom2MandN says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog when looking for blogs mentioning Deceptively Delicious. I’m new to blogging and reading blogs. I find yours fun and refreshing and I hope you’ll check out mine. Pee on!

    • peeinpeace says:

      Thanks for reading, mom to M and N. =) I will definitely check out your blog as well. It’s always nice to get someone else’s perspective and advice on this parenting thing.

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