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Parenting lesson #39: Put it in writing.

The struggle to pack school lunches is real. Today is my oldest’s first day of school, and my other two will follow suit next week.  Planning, shopping for and packing healthy, appealing lunches for the kids are not my favorite … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #25: Mommy brain never goes away.

I wish I had better news for new moms.  But the truth is that the mommy brain fog, while it lifts after the newborn weeks, does not ever fully clear.  I have never been more certain of it.  When I … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #6: Birthing is not the height of parenting pain, it is the beginning of it.

Pre-bedtime dance parties can be super fun.  They can also be dangerous.  Tonight, after finally hooking up a radio in the boys’ room, Ethan was so excited to hear the Biebs that he jumped right into my mouth.  Like his … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #21: Two-year-olds are bipolar and skeptical.

Sometimes I think my daily life looks like the scene from “Coming to America” when Prince Hakeem meets his arranged betrothed, Imani Izzy.  Imani has been trained her whole life to do anything he asks of her, and he tests just … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #11: There will always be poop to clean up.

When you have little children, it’s easy to daydream about being done with diapers and blow-outs and leaks and toilet training.  But the truth is that even when you’re out of this phase, there will still be poop to clean … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #5: Mommy brain is real.

Forget actual scientific research.  I don’t care what (mostly male) researchers have to say about pregnancy or momnesia.  I am confident I can claim 100% matter-of-factly that “mommy brain” is a real ailment.  It is my diagnosis for having a short … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #17: Forgive yourself and get over it.

There’s nothing in life so far that has forced me to face my own flaws like parenthood has.  Daily there are flashes of brilliance or tender moments that take place within minutes of epic failure.  Work wasn’t really like this; at … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #10: Be prepared, but when the diarrhea hits the fan, seek help from another parent.

I like to be prepared.  Although having three kids has thrown my life into more chaos than two ever did, I still try to keep myself from getting caught off-guard.  For example, as a general rule, I have six diapers … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #3: You are embarking on a new phase in life that many see as an invitation for unsolicited advice and judgment.

As with everything else, not everyone will agree with you when it comes to parenting.  And it seems like more so than in any other occupation, family and strangers alike feel the need to voice their opinions about the job … Continue reading

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Parenting lesson #18: You will use the same phrases your parents said to you that you swore you would never use

Every parent will experience this moment.  No matter how much you swore to yourself up-and-down as a child that you would never torture your own children with that phrase, you will hear it out of your mouth.  And then (GASP!), out … Continue reading

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